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The moving walk platform on which Elevator Escalator ride.
1) Step Tread
The part of the step where a passenger stands.
2) Riser
The upright part of a Step.
3) Step Demarcation Line
A yellow line along both sides of a Step to demarcate the proper standing area, thereby preventing passengers from coming into contact with the Skirt Guard and stumbling.
4) Driving Roller/Trailing Roller
Each Step is linked to the Step Chains via the Step shaft and the wheels. The front wheel is called the Driving Roller and the rear wheel is called the Trailing Roller.
5) Step Chain
A chain, located on both sides of an escalator, connecting the Steps and driven by the Step Chain Sprocket.
Floor Plate
A removable steel plate finished with anti-slip patterns, typically situated above the escalator trusswork at the boarding and landing areas.
Comb Plate
The section of the Floor Plate on which the comb teeth segments are mounted.
A section or steel plate with teeth that mesh with the Step cleats at the boarding and landing areas, to prevent fingers, feet or foreign objects from getting caught between the moving Steps and Floor Plate.
Round Light
A round light installed on the Interior Panel at the boarding and landing areas.
Comb Light
Lighting provided at Comb level at the terminal ends of an escalator for increased illumination.
Under-Handrail Lighting
Lighting installed under the Moving Handrails (glass panel only).
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