Royal Jelly

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Street Address: 190 Moo.21 T.Ma-khur Jae Muang
Subcategory: Nutritional Supplements
Phone: +66-946269141

Royal Jelly 330 mg. Tablet 5 times concentrated to Fresh Royal Jelly
Royal Jelly is a supplementary food in the form of various bio-extracts substances especially 10 HAD (10 Hydroxy-2-Decenoic Acid), which help reinforce, repair and strengthen body. Many studies indicate the effectiveness and benefits of royal jelly is stimulating the productivity of antibodies in order to help strengthening immune system, removing toxic substances in human bodies and preventing the spread of cancer cells.
- Release the tiredness and stress from over working.
- Anti-aging as natural elixir
- Increase immunity for people with allergies
- Promote sexual rejuvenation and hormones
- Balance your body and stimulate metabolism
- Inhibit the growth of cancer cells

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