Senior NLP Engineer

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Country: India
Job Status: Permanent
Qualification: Graduate
Work Experience: 5 - 8 yrs
Phone: +91-80-6134-1500

Job Description :
Familiarity and experience with open-source/commercial NLP toolkits such as Stanford NLP, NLTK, Tensorflow, Apache Lucene/Solr, GATE
Knowledge of techniques for critical problem/application areas in NLP such as Named Entity Extraction, PoS tagging, parsing, semantic analysis, ambiguity resolution, pronoun resolution, sentiment analysis, summarization
Experience with NLP/computational linguistics in the context of speech recognition is a plus.
Should be at ease with both grammars and statistical language modeling. Experience tuning grammars and SLMs to boost recognition accuracy.
Knowledge of (and experience with) modern methods in machine learning, including Deep Learning methods
Experience with testing and evaluating speech processes and systems
Familiarity with text-to-speech
Good knowledge of (and experience with) phonology, phone sets, pronunciation dictionaries is a plus
Familiarity with modern speech recognition engine technology. LVCSR, HMMs, DNNs.
Solid basics in statistics
Knowledge of problems and techniques in speech processing and speech recognition is a plus
Experience with NLP for Indian languages is a plus
Keeping up with developments and progress in NLP, Machine Learning and ASR
Passion and commitment to work in a start-up environment

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