Testimony From Marty As A New Illuminati Member

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South Africa
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From Marty As A New Illuminati Member
My name is Mr. Marty Ken, I am 33 years old and I based in Canada. I want to notify the general public how I was helped by Illuminati temple in regaining back my business position after been sacked for about a year and six months.
I have been in pains and trouble since when I was sacked from the company where I work called Canada Deposit Insurance corporation in Ottawa (headquarter) in Canada as an agency executive.
I have been hopeless, financially down through out that year. But one day as I was browsing through the Internet I came across the post of Mr. Kim an Illuminati agent saying you can be famous, rich and successful in life by been a member of the great Illuminati Brotherhood.
Immediately I contacted him and I explained everything to him and he recommended me and he helped me by initiating me to the Great Illuminati Brotherhood and also he gave me all the guidelines and told me their place of worship.
With the help of Mr. Kim I was able to go to the temple and there I was on the top of the hood. I refer those who want to join contact Agent Kim on +27 62 154 3394. Or visit Illuminati website on. http://www.illuminatikim666.co.za

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