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The Lost Ways 2 book is the most wanted survival guide by Claude Davies. This lost super food will bulletproof you against any food shortage or famine. For more information, pleasa visit to www.thelostways2guide.com

The Lost Ways 2 - Find Out The Kind of Survival Advice It Offers

Advancement in technology and career specialization in the modern world has resulted in very few people possessing technical skills. This means that only a few can handle a natural or man-made disaster. Lost ways 2 is a program invented by Claude Davis to help you regain the technical survival skills of our forefathers.

The world has always been unpredictable. Whereas our forefathers had a system of handling an uncertain future, our current education system does not equip us with important, hands-on skills. We are preoccupied with social media and technology. This leaves our generation in a very vulnerable situation in case of a catastrophe.

About The Program – What Is The Lost Ways 2?

The Lost Ways 2 book is a program authored by Claude Davis. Also worth noting is that the following authors have contributed to making this program a great resource with the knowledge they learned from their ancestors. We have LexRooker, Patrick Shelley, Mike Searson and Erik.

This phenomenal program was developed to equip you with survival skills. Helping you be in a position to deal with any kind of disaster and provide for and protect your family with minimal resources and without government help. This program will help you survive terrorist attacks, EMP attacks, drought, economic calamities, sicknesses, tornadoes and other catastrophes.

In a nutshell, the program is about equipping you with various skills including water harvesting, hunting, medicinal techniques, farming techniques, food storage techniques, food preparation techniques like smoking food among other skills.

You will learn about building root cellars for emergency periods. The author explains how our ancestors used to construct weatherproof underground shelters for use during war or other emergency situations. Besides that, you will learn about farming techniques and food techniques.

The author teaches you about planting seeds and right types of soils for planting. In addition, you’ll learn how to grow and harvest seeds and how to store them after harvesting. Other skills you learn are food related. You get hands-on skills for making bread crusts and learn how to make a super-food with ingredients from your local store.

Best of all, you will know how to hunt a deer and prepare its body parts for food. Apart from hunting down the deer, you will know how to make leather from its skin without chemicals.

On top of that, you’ll get skills of providing water for your family using natural systems. As if that is not enough, you will discover various uses of charcoal. You will learn about activated charcoal and activated charcoal pills. What’s more, you will learn how activated charcoal pills can be used to purify dirty water can be used as medicine for curing food and chemical poisoning. Also, you will discover how gas masks are made from activated charcoal.

To top it all up, you will be taught war skills. You will learn survival skills that our ancestors relied on during war times. How they managed their bullet banks and what they did when they ran out of bullets. This book will teach you how to survive when your bullets and weaponry run out during a war.

The knowledge and skills you will acquire through this program will not only help your immediate family but your entire community as well. If you will implement this program, you will be in a position to cover up to three other families and be able to restore your community after a catastrophe.

About The Author

Claude Davis is a man concerned about the lost ways of our forefathers and how we can recover them. He intends to pass on his skills to other people. In a bid to help modern man acquire survival skills that can see them overcome any kind of natural and man-made disaster Claude Davis runs a survival website and has authored two books titled Lost Ways first edition and Lost Ways second edition. He also runs a website known as askaprepper.com.


As the name implies, Lost Ways 2, is a program on how the current generation (you and me) has lost ways of being self-sufficient and surviving through tough times. You don’t need any technical skills to enroll in this program. Actually, its aim is to equip you with technical skills of being self-sufficient in food provision, water, shelter and other important skills.

By enrolling in this program you will be insuring your loved ones against an uncertain future. Though the disaster may not happen during your lifetime, your loved ones will have the skills which will be passed on to future generations – thereby guaranteeing the survival of your family tree.

This is a program worth investing in. Not only is it fun and interesting because it empowers you to survive in the jungle but also is quite powerful in getting you prepared for uncertain times.
Verdict: This is a must-have.

For more information, pleasa visit to www.thelostways2guide.com

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