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Sexual Dysfunctions treatment in Chawri Bazaar:- Patients want to talk about sexual dysfunction problem with physicians or sexologist doctor, But often fail to do so thinking its a embarrassing topic, or there is no treatment available. Sexual Dysfunctions treatment is a serious problem in the United Kingdom, India. And unfortunately often goes untreated. Female sexual dysfunction problem includes pain during sex, decreased sexual desire, arousal problem. Book your appointment online call @ +91-8010977000.+91-9999219128.

Sexual Dysfunctions Causes and treatment-

Causes of Sexual Dysfunctions treatment includes physiologic and psychological problems, anything from partnership problem and depression, diabetes, side effect of some medicine, heart disease, excessive alcohol, hormonal disorders, fall of testosterone level in body. Testosterone is produced in ovaries, so levels can drop if ovaries are removed or not functioning properly. Medication used to treat high blood pressure, cancer may also cause female sexual dysfunction.

How to treat Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Women who suffer from vaginal dryness are recommended to use lubricants during intercourse. Vaginal cream and sexual lubrications are available for dryness problem.

Some doctors recommend that women use Kegel exercises, which help to develop the muscles around the outer portion of the vagina that are involved in pleasurable sensations. Testosterone replacement patch Intrinsa patch (Testosterone patch) is the most effective treatment for Sexual Dysfunctions treatment.

The use of intrinsa patches has demonstrated to be of significant benefit to women suffering from Sexual Dysfunctions treatment. The patches release small amount of testosterone to increase woman's sexual desire. It constantly releases small amount of testosterone into the bloodstream through skin.

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