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3 Effects of Office Design on the Bottom Line

A redundant office is a demotivation to the employees and the visitors alike. Several studies have revealed that merely 55% of workers have said that a well-designed and maintained workplace motivates them to work productively. While 49% say that they feel to share the office with the visitors as it is designed well.

Companies must make a note of this and design their workspace under the guidance of best office furniture manufacturers. In this blog, let's read about 3 Effects of Office Design on the Bottom Line:

Improved Employee Well-being and Engagement
Research has proved that employee well-being and health is related to job performance. Engaged employees are productive, have lower absenteeism and ensure high company profits. Here office design comes into the picture in the following way - Are employees able to walk around throughout the day? Does the office environ promote relaxation? Is the atmosphere calm? Are the cubicles built in a way that the workers can concentrate, collaborate, and socialize?

A Balance of Collaboration and Focus
Workplace surveys have shown that effective workplaces balance focus and cooperation. Balance improves employee performance and makes for an innovative and creative workplace. So if the office is open, custom office furniture, and add more private areas so that the employees could concentrate in a quiet and uninterrupted environment. On the other hand, if the workplace is made of too man individual offices, create community spaces for workers to collaborate.

Flexibility and Autonomy
Studies have shown that if employees have more choice to select the workplace, they are more innovative. Another report concluded that 72% of flexible working practices had increased productivity.

Thus, it is essential that your office design shouldn’t be an afterthought. Remember that the office design and furniture affect your business.

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